What we believe

 The Dash40 team believes that collaboration between entrepreneurs and investors on revenue growth is essential to their shared success. This is the foundation for ensuring alignment on strategy, corporate governance and top-line growth.

How we work

We overcome the biggest challenge of early-stage companies by providing access to potential customers and channel partners. The Advisory Board and Investment Team at Dash40 has a strong and diverse network of senior business leaders that can open doors, validate revenue opportunities and help prepare and navigate complex pitches.

What we offer

Extensive network of contacts
Our Advisory Board and Investment Team leverage their broad range of executive contacts to provide early-stage companies with the guidance they need to effectively navigate through hierarchies and divisions within enterprises.

Operational Expertise
Hands-on experience in diverse industries has allowed the Investment Team to successfully manage and grow several portfolio companies. They bring this expertise to Dash40 companies.

Future access to Capital
Through close ownership with Trellis Capital, Dash40 has a unique opportunity for follow on financing from Trellis.


The Dash40 team has managed an associated fund, Trellis Capital since the year 2000. The Trellis Team recognized that the challenges early stage companies faced selling to established customers resulted in disappointing traction, depleted funds and ultimately, difficulty with subsequent rounds of financing.  Their solution was to engage their networks to bring portfolio companies and prospective companies together. This unique approach sparked the formation of Dash40